"Youth in Social Revolution"

Smriti Brichhya


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ENVIRON VISION, an advocacy program by youths
Annual Report 2009/10
Disaster Risk Reduction
Sapana Ashadevi ko - An initiative for water conservation

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Welcome to YONSED

 Youth Network for Social & Environmental Development (YONSED) has been established to tackle with environmental problems by motivating, mobilizing and empowering youth from diverse corners of the country. The organization has been working persistently in the field of health, education, and environment since its establishment by effectively mobilizing the youth. The organization has worked jointly with several national and international organizations for the social and environmental development from the youth level.

YONSED aims to take initiatives in environmental conservation and social development by building a network of youth students and concerned stakeholders. Cooperation has been maintained with the environmental organizations, government bodies, colleges/schools, communities, youth clubs and, other concerned stakeholders working for the environmental protection and nature conservation. Through a framework of social action groups, YONSED is working to develop action and advocacy groups that will address environmental issues and social advocacy concerns. The organizations also focuses on the principles of participatory action and empowerment to develop the youth/students’ action groups.