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Smriti Brichhya,” the commemorative tree is planted in the memory of loved ones or any other special occasion and moments of life.Smriti Brichhya” can be a wonderful gift for special occasion to wish and rejoice. In our country, the trend of urbanization is rapid and cities are turning into concrete jungle in a faster pace. The greenery of the city is deteriorating day by day and the issues of global climate change has become more prominent. In this scenario, Smriti Brichhya is the genuine options for adjoining human sentiments with nature, combating global climate change and promoting greenery.
As Smriti Brichhya is a noble efforts to motivate people and channelize local resources for nature conservation, YONSED intends to make an impact on the quality of life by sustaining and greening the memory of the people through this endeavor.

This program contributes to the national government policy of Nepal to increase 40% forest coverage by 2012-14. Further, it helps to maintain the urban greenery and combat against global climate change.

i. To increase the greenery in urban and semi-urban area through tree    plantation
ii. To contribute in combating global climate change through plantation    activities
iii. To promote sentimental attachment of human with nature
iv. To channelize financial resources from individuals who are in different sectors and willing to contribute for greenery development and promotion

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