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Gift Trees

Gift a Tree "A perfect memorable and long lasting gift for any occasion"
Trees are a gift for the ages. Your trees are thoughtful and appreciated gift for today and a contributor to the world for generations to come. So what can be more a sustainable gift to honor somebody or celebrate a life event than planting a tree? Join us in our campaign to reduce global carbon footprint and preserve greenery. Your contribution can give the future generation a chance to breathe a fresh and clean air.

Get started by filling up the membership form or contact us directly.

We will send specially designed ‘Smriti Brichhya Greeting Card’ to incorporate your wishes to the person you wish to dedicate. Besides, we’ll update the description and status of the gifted plants with photographs to you and the person to whom the plant is gifted. Along with this, we will place your name in the memory wall of Smriti Batika and award you with national certificate of participation in nature conservation. We ensure you the conservation of your gifted plant at least for 20 years.

Gift a tree to rejoice:
i. Birthday
ii.New births
iii. Festival
iv. Gratitude
v. Wedding
vi. Anniversaries
vii. Graduation
viii. Employee recognition
ix. Remarkable achievements

Please follow the following links for the further information:
Introduction     Mission     Process /and Approach       For the Participation
Plant Tress      Appeal to Corporate Sectors      Our Partners      Our Team

Download this file (Participation Form_Gift Trees.PDF)Participation Form_Gift Trees[ ]247 Kb