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Appeal to Corporate Sectors

The environmental issues have become prominent all around the world. Hence with heightened awareness on environment issues of the people , companies need to take proactive steps in supporting green initiatives as a source of competitive advantage. Proactively supporting and undertaking green initiatives are now a part of global good governance practices.
According to an Ipsos Mori survey, 80% of respondents across 15 developed nations would prefer working for a company that "has a good reputation for environmental responsibility" - the figure was 81% in the U.S.

Smriti Brichhya appeals the social members to not only plant trees, but to also honour customers, employees, dealers and stakeholders with gift of trees through eco-certificates. And also encourages to rejoice the successful and memorable moments of the office with Smriti Brichhya.
1. Mark company milestones
2. Start a company grove
3. Adopt a tree planting project
4. Offset emissions from business operations

1. Thank customers for switching to electronic communication
2. Plant trees to welcome new customers
3. Plant a tree to every existing customer
4. Plant trees to greet customers on festivals
5. Gift trees to loyal customers
6. Plant trees to complement the launch of a green product

1. Gift a tree to every member of your staff
2. Give a tree gift to honour star performers
3. Plant a grove to honour loyal employees
4. Gift a tree to mark employee birthdays / weddings / babies
5. Allow employees to plant trees through a Payroll deduction program

1. Greet distributors and supply chain partners on birthdays, anniversaries and festivals
2. Recognize distributors, stockists and supply chain partners on achievement of sales targets
3. Honour supply chain partners that conform to green practices

1. Set an annual goal on the number of trees to plant to offset all or part of your emissions.
2. Plant trees to help customers offset emissions from product use (either customer is charged a voluntary amount upfront for planting or company plants to offset on customer's behalf or company partners with customer)
3. Offset electricity from computer/ IT products
4. Offset emissions from air travel
5. Offset emissions from car use
6. Offset for books purchased
7. Offset for customers commute to point of sale
8. Offset for employee travel
9. Offset for employee lifestyle

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