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ENVIRON VISION, an advocacy program by youths
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Message From President

It was the year 2005 in the month of March; a vision arose as a faint dream before the eyes of a group of environmental students. It was the vision of developing environmentally sound nation. As a result, Youth Network for Social and Environmental Development (YONSED) has been established to make a remarkable contribution in creating eco-societies and environmental conservation from youth level with a mission to enhance environmental advocacy and awareness at local as well as at policy level.

Uniting and motivating youth for environmental conservation is very challenging task in the economically poor countries like Nepal where most of the communities are dependent on natural resources. YONSED with its establishment has been facing numbers of obstacles in giving persistency to effort in the field of addressing environmental issues by empowering and mobilizing youth in bringing about their voices concerning to the environment at local as well as policy level. But we feel honored and privileged when a youth comes to us, shares his stories and says 'Yes We Can'.

In the way to contribute in the field of environment YONSED maintained its relation and coordination with various GOs, NGOs, and private sectors to conduct different levels of activities pertaining to environmental awareness and advocacy. Besides, YONSED since 2007 has been undertaking an environmental advocacy programme entitled ENVIRON VISION. It has been proved fruitful in forming a common platform for sharing, interacting, analyzing environmental issues among youths, experts, politicians, policy makers, and concerned stakeholders to generate strategic guidance for tampering with nature's fine balance. Similarly, Smriti Brichhya and Green Initiative Cooperative Limited are other noteworthy initiatives of YONSED in the field of environment.

I am very grateful for times like this, to express our sincere thanks and gratitude. Heartily thanks to the advisors, donors, and the active participants of the various events. We owe our special thanks to the environmental escorts representing varoius colleges and schools for their enthusiastic participation and generous contribution in facilitating various environmental activities. We plan to strengthen and extend our youth networks internationally in the coming days. We also wish to enrich and empower the environmental advocacy as well as awareness along with the research works. And we also hope to receive your support, inspiration, and encouragement to go ahead steadily in the way to develop eco-friendly societies.


Warm wishes,

Jeevan Thapa

President, YONSED