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Integrated Tourism Development Plan, Pyuthan

Recognizing the necessity of tourism promotion for economic change, the Government of Nepal has placed tourism in high priority of new economic policy since Fiscal Year 2008/09 and declared to frame a new tourism policy, by revising Tourism Policy 1995. The new Tourism Policy 2005 guided various issues such as, access of local community to benefits of tourism services, promotion and expansion of rural tourism activities, as well as exploration and identification of tourist spots, in this aspect the proposed proposal on making tourism development and management plan for Pyuthan district will be in line with the policy.Tourism Policy 2005 and ‘Tourism Vision 2020’ attempts have been made to give importance to tourism in the district along with the beginning of a new thinking that tourism could also be a means to generate additional income in district and that tourism could also be the agent to power inter-VDCs development.

Nepal, being enriched with historical places, natural wonders, ancient temples and religious destinations, are still need to explore and develop viable. As so, Pyuthan district is rich in cultural diversity and is important from historical point of view. Although the district encapsulates diverse tourism resources but still lags behind in the tourism perspective and promotion of ecotourism. The district has tremendous potential of village tourism through generation of income, employment and local markets for agricultural products and handicrafts. There has not at been any effective step taken for the promotion of tourism in the district. Thus, to explore and make out these awaited answers possible regarding tourism, need of Tourism Development and Management plan for Pyuthan district is realized.